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Wedding Gifts / Party Favors / Travel Soaps

Hosting a party? Order unique and elegant favors for each attendee. All our soaps are beautiful and smell amazing. Your guest will ‘ooo’ and ‘aww’ over these party favor soaps.

The One Leaf Soap’s Party/Wedding Favor Soaps are aesthetic bars, handcrafted carefully from organic ingredients, and wonderful gift items to share with family and friends in appreciation to them for guesting your special day, with extensive range of colors, scents and texture options, extraordinarily safe & nourishing for all skin types.

Find cute and beautiful designs handcrafted by our very skilled artisans.  No matter the occasion, we have the perfect party or wedding favor soaps for you.

To order, simply select the soap you want with the quantity, then place your order. You may select all of the same soap or the varieties in an option so your recipients can select based on their favorite scent and/or color.

Please note: Delivery may take up to 5-6 weeks from order date. Because Favor Soaps are custom made per request, this time allows us to provide your quantity of soap, fully cured, and rightly packaged for your event.

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