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Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Handmade Soap

When it comes to caring for the environment, your personal care products play an important role. The commercial soaps, makeup, and other products we use every day may actually fill the environment with harmful chemicals and harm our bodies as well. This is all the more reason to reach for your homemade rose shaped soap rather than the artificial rose scented soap. The following are just some of the ways that artisan handmade soap can be beneficial to the environment.

Organic soap does not contain triclosan.

This chemical, often found in commercial anti-bacterial soaps, is classified as a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency. Any environmentally conscious individual knows the harm that pesticides cause in soil, groundwater, and agricultural products. By switching to organic soap, you aren’t sending this chemical down the sink.

The ingredients won’t contaminate drinking water.

When harmful chemicals run down the sink, they have to go somewhere. And all too often, they end up in our water sources. By using natural soap, you are sending organic products down the drain instead. These have a less harmful effect on environmental and human health.

They don’t contain microbeads.

Many commercial hand soaps and body washes contain microbeads. These pesky pieces of plastic are marketed in exfoliating products and scrubs, but they are also running into lakes and oceans. This is harming ocean life and throwing off the natural biodiversity. A bill passed in the U.S. that phases out microbeads starting this year, but buying handmade soap can help you avoid these microplastics altogether.

Organic soap is biodegradable.

When you enjoy your rose shaped soap or other specialty soaps, you don’t have to worry about clogging the environment with any soap residue or unused pieces. Since they are made out of natural materials, they will naturally decompose. This way, their existence is less likely to disturb natural organic cycles.

Natural soap balances the human body.

Remember that humans are part of the Earth as well. The natural ingredients found in handmade soaps are meant to work with your skin’s natural pH rather than against it. This way, your skin can retain its oils and remain as radiant as you are.

About one third of the world’s soap is used in the United States. Unfortunately, much of this soap contains harsh chemicals that harm the environment. By making the switch to natural handmade soap, you can play a direct role in protecting the Earth that we cherish so much.

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