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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

With the holidays fast approaching, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can sometimes be a challenge. Here at One Leaf soaps, we have a wide collection of handmade, natural soaps that are perfect for any occasion. From artisan soaps to party favors, there is something for everyone. (And if you order by the end of November, you can use the offer code holiday2017 at checkout for 30% off!)

Our scented soap is made out of natural, nutrient-rich components. These natural ingredients are also great for anyone with sensitive skin. Our gift sets are available in many different scents, colors, and packaging options, so you can customize them to fit the recipient. They’re beautifully packaged to make the perfect gift! Here’s a guide to our different gift box sets for the 2017 holiday season:

Two and Three Soap Box Sets We offer several choices for 2-piece and 3-piece sets. The two-piece sets start at $25 dollars, and the three-piece sets start at $35. Choose between artisan gift sets, shopper style gift sets, more traditional box styles, a clear cover box, a window box, and even a special set “For Him”.

For the two-piece sets, we offer artisan gift set packages, or boxes that allow you to see the soap. These come in tan, blue, and pink at this size. The shopper style packages look like small shopping bags, also giving you the ability to view the soap, and come in red and teal. You also have the option of a clear-cover box, a hot pink box, and a rigid brown box.

When choosing a three-piece set, the shopper style sets can be packaged in tan and pink. Our box sets come in the widest variety for three-piece sets. The artisan style boxes are available as a purple box, a kraft water box, a red water box, or a white box. We also offer a green leaf set, and three handmade box style sets in tan, white, or a rigid black box.

Four and Six Soap Box Sets Much like the two and three box sets, you have your choice of our soaps for each packaging style, so you can personalize your gift. The four-piece sets start at $45, and the six-piece set starts at $49.

Our four piece sets come in ribbon boxes, which do not have the viewing window. We offer a pink polka dot box, a red ribbon box, a teal polka dot box. The rigid brown box for four soaps does come with a clear lid.

The six-piece set comes in a shopper style box.

Specialty Sets We have a few special offers if the larger packages don’t quite fit the style you’re looking for. First, we offer two paper drawer gift boxes for a single soap, starting at $9.

Our macaron soaps gift sets come in red or orange packaging. These natural soaps are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Each box contains five colorful, adorable and sweet-smelling soaps shaped like macarons.

Wooden Soap Dish Sets We offer three styles of soap dishes, packaged with your choice of one, two, or three of our artisan soaps. These wooden soap dishes make a lovely addition to your gift of soap, and are perfect for all the soap lovers in your life. For a single soap to go with your soap dish, pricing starts at only $15 for one soap, $25 for two soaps and $35 for three.

Get Your Soap Today

With so much variety, there is a little something for everyone, and each of these box sets gives you personalization capabilities. Choose your box, choose from over 30 scents of soaps, and give the perfect gift in every situation. Don’t forget to use the offer code holiday2017 for 30% off before the end of November. Hurry and get yours today!

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